Who We Are

We are an ‘independent’ fashion survey agency: As an independent agency that goes into the matters that are directly related to and in consonance with the fashion industry as it is today in toto, we are into gathering surveys and interviewing people to know exactly what is the need in the society and where the lacunae lies.

The plus sized industry is starved:

Knowing the pulse of the industry for more than five decades, we have been able to derive a lot of premises as to where the deficiency in the industry is. Knowing the problem is like half solving it. a detailed understanding of the challenges and the complexities that this industry faces from the inside as well from the external forces has been experienced and well documented by our agency in last half a century of our existence.

Helping the insiders with the statistics:

As an impartial agency which has never ever taken sides with any particular faction in the industry we are proud to say that when it comes to detailed survey and sampling, our derivations are extremely honest and right on mark. That is precisely the reason why reports created by us are so sought after by industry big-daddies and other independent fashion retailing outlets.

From real estate to actual fixed assets:

We can help you with any or all of the business processes that is related directly or remotely connected with the fashion industry. Our mainstay is the fashion industry and if there is anything that you would want to know specifically about it, you will have to personally send us a request mail along with the prescribed payment, the details of which are found on the website of our agency. Once the report is ready, we pledge ourselves to be strictly confidential about it unless you tell us in an expressed form (in writing) that there is no proprietary information in it and that the information so prepared by us n your behest can be shared in any kind of public forum without entailing any legality from your side. You can trust us to help you build trust with your customers. Hoping to have a fruitful relationship with you soon!  

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Tell us what you think:

Are they putting forth this mindset into our younger generation that only if you are skinny, you need to dress up well and the rest of them, the roundish and the far more roundish have no right whatsoever to wear what is on their minds?

If you have an opinion about the state of affairs in the fashion industry or you have a suggestion to offer, kindly pen your thoughts and shoot it to the email that is provided hereunder. We would love to hear from you!