Where on earth can I find Plus Sized women's clothes?

If anything can hardly be found, is it because of the reason that it is hardly there? This premise sounds true at least as far as plus sized clothing is concerned in general. Look around in the shopping malls and also into your favorite clothing stores, do you see any chic, classy collection that would send a woman in a frenzy and then on to the trial rooms to try them?

Where, where, where?

No, correct?! That may be obvious then. The reality is that there are absolutely no retailers out there in plus sized clothes merchandising who are as interested in developing a dedicated line of haute couture or who is even a little inventive as their counterpart who with the smaller sizes dresses. This can be frustrating as people who have rounded figure and those with the so-called normal physique far outnumber people with vital statistics that make them fit only to walk on the ramps at the fashion shows!

There is a big lacuna:

So, do we conclude that bigger women or well endowed women are not fashion conscious or that and they would not like to be chic with their dressing? Absolutely not! Clothes are clothes, Period. How can someone be so prejudiced that they can keep on making excellent clothes for anorexic people and blatantly ignore a majority of the population’s basic need? The situation is such that any shopping center you walk into today will either have absolutely no clothes worth mentioning in the full size category or if they do, then only a handful of them and almost all of them hinging on the not so classy or fashionable but majorly gaudy and overdone!

No exaggeration this:

You may think that I am overly exaggerating. That there are not enough stores that make ready to wear clothes for bigger men and women. And then well-endowed women always have the choice of picking up a good material and getting it customized to their size by running over to a seamstress. Is that not a big bother? What if the woman wants a dress to be worn immediately for a function to be held on the next day or even for a do that same evening? She cannot possibly run around to dress makers in the morning and expect them to turn out a pretty well fitted dress within a day’s time?

Faux passé:

Consider this, in the year, 2013 Mike Jefferies, who was also the CWO of the illustrious fashion house Abercrombie and Fitch, the US giant commented nonchalantly that his company was not keen on making any clothing line for the well endowed men and women. This sent a wrong message in the market and the sales of the conglomerate also dipped considerably low. Of course, the company realized the folly and the pinhead categorically apologized for making such an insensitive comment.

The social media’s reaction:

There was a big uproar on the social media and outside for his Mark’s misplaced remarks. Ever since, management of top companies doesn’t like sharing their marketing strategy as openly as before for any fear of backlash. All the same, it turns out that almost all of the top management in most popular companies thinks on similar lines.

If you are skeptical?

Don’t believe me? Okay, just try this one thing. Close your eyes and think hard for sometime about one brand that you think does justice to making fashionable clothes for bigger women. Can you think of any? If you could think of five brands at least, that means that there is hope for people who have normal physique still. But if you cannot count more than three and those brands that are not so popular or those which do not retail from malls but have stand alone shops, there is a serious problem there. These retailers need to know that there is a big demand supply gap in this sector and if they are not going to fill the gap, then who will? Besides, what is the message that they are trying to put across. Do only slim, ogle worthy women need t live fashionable and not the rest of the ‘womanity’?

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Tell us what you think:

Are they putting forth this mindset into our younger generation that only if you are skinny, you need to dress up well and the rest of them, the roundish and the far more roundish have no right whatsoever to wear what is on their minds?

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